Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't Be Evil, Google! Gimme My Blog Back! Come Out And DEFEND YOURSELF YOU BIG GIANT BULLY! :-)

Ok, Dear Google,,
If I've done something wrong with my blog, here's your chance to let the public know precisely what I've done. Tell 'em! I can take it!

If, on the other hand, I've done nothing wrong with my blog, "Don't Be Evil"*, Google! Gimme my blog back! :-)

I started an informal blog more than four years ago, calling it "The Linkedin Business Discussion Index". I started it before I knew that there were any "RULES" of blogging. Mainly I played with blogging. Never made a single, solitary penny from it. Never intended to make money from it. It was set up primarily as a means of sharing Linkedin-centric posts via a blog format for members of My Linkedin Power Forum (now at Period.

I eventually decided to rename the blog to "Social Media Consortium", thus, yielding the blogspot URL: (with a 301 redirect from

For some unknown reason, and with no easy way of getting feedback from either Google, Blogger, or Blogspot, you've taken down my site, put it back up in a crippled state where I could no longer publish from it, and, yep, taken it down again. This time apparently, irretrievably so.

If "Don't Be Evil" is still your informal mission statement and still has any real meaning to it, gimme my blog back - OR - at least show a modicum of professional courtesy and tell me what was wrong with my blog so that I can explain it to the thousands of people who were made aware of that blog over the past 4+ years..

A letter will do.

An email will do.

A hint, a clue, ANYTHING type of communication about why you took my blog down WOULD DO!

And, by the way, if I'm so evil as a blogger, why take down just one of my blogs and not the other 99 blogs I've created on Blogspot?

So, either I'm an evil blogger or YOU'VE MADE A MISTAKE!

As social media experts in the know would probably advise, I know that you don't need my blog - - - heck, I don't need it either - - - heck, I don't even need "Google" or any of its sub-brands, either - especially since I've never made ANY money off of using them.

But, doing the right thing shouldn't be done just because of money. Doing the right thing is the right thing to do for its own sake. Especially for those who don't want to be evil, dear Google.

So, either prove that I've intentionally done something wrong or gimme my blog back! Pretty please, Google? Don't be evil, man! That's so beneath you and so doggone undignified and boring...;

Gimme my blog back baby! :-)

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!
Vincent Wright
Director Of Community | | | (Linkedin) | (Facebook) | (Google) | (Twitter)
*PS: For those who don't yet know about Google and "Don't Be Evil" check out:'t_be_evil
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